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LED Installation Videos

Here at PrecisionLED, our mission is to provide excellent customer service and support. To do so, we have compiled an extensive library of Installation Videos for our customers to view and perform their own installations at home. Along with video documentation, we provide full installation manuals as well as technical diagrams to use with your PrecisionLED LED Bulb Kit. *Technical manuals and installation videos are applicable to PrecisionLED purchased product only.


Manufacturer Video Link
Acura Acura RSX 2002-2006 LED Install
Acura RSX License Plate LED Install 2002-2006
Acura TSX 2004-2008 LED Install
Acura TSX 2009-2014 Interior LED Install
Acura TSX 2009-2014 Foglight LED Install
Audi Audi A3 8P LED Install 2006+
Audi A4 B8 LED Install 2008 - Present
BMW BMW 1 Series E81/E82 LED Install
BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 LED Install
BMW 5 Series E60/E61 LED Install
BMW 5 Series F10/F11 LED Install
BMW 5 Series E39 LED Install
BMW 5 Series E60/E61 License Plate LED Install
BMW 6 Series E63/E64 LED Install
Cadillac Cadillac CTS LED Install 2003-2007
Chevrolet Chevrolet Silverado LED Install 2007+
Chevrolet Impala LED Install 2013+ 
Chevrolet Malibu LED Install 2013+ 
Chrysler Chrysler 200 LED Install 2013+
Dodge Dodge Dart LED Install 2013+
Fiat Fiat 500 LED Install 2007-Present
Ford Ford F250 2007-2010 LED Install
Ford Focus 2010-Present LED Install
Ford Mustang 2005-2014 LED Install
GMC GMC Sierra LED Install 2007+
Honda Honda Accord 2013-Present LED Install
Honda Accord LED Headlights 2013-Present
Honda Accord 2008-2012 LED Install
Honda Accord LED Headlights 2008-2012
Honda Civic 2011-Present LED Install
Honda Civic 2006-2011 LED Installation
Honda Civic 2001-2005 LED Install
Honda CR-V LED Installation 2012-Present
Honda CR-V LED Headlight & Foglight Installation 2012-Present
Honda S-2000 1999-2009 LED Install
Hyundai Hyundai Accent LED Install 2011+
Hyundai Accent License Plate LED Install 2012+
Hyundai Elantra LED Install 2011+
Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Install 2010+
Hyundai Genesis Coupe Backup Reverse LED Install 2013+
Hyundai Sonata LED Install 2011+
Hyundai Sonata w/ Sunroof LED Install 2011+
Hyundai Veloster LED Install 2011+
Jaguar Jaguar S-Type LED Install 2007-2008
Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Install 2010+
Jeep Patriot Interior LED Install 2007-Present
Jeep Wrangler LED Interior Install 2007-Present
Jeep Wrangler LED Headlight Install 2006-Present
Kia Kia Optima LED Install 2011+
Land Rover Range Rover LED Install 2005-2013
Lexus Lexus ES 2001-2006 Interior LED Install
Lexus GS Interior LEDs 1997-2004
Lexus GS LED Headlights 1997-2004
Lexus IS250/IS350/F-Sport Interior LEDs 2013-Present
Lexus IS250/350 F 2006-2013 Interior LED Install
Lexus IS250/350 IS-F Trunk LED Install 2006-2013
Lexus RX Interior LED Install 2003-2009
Mazda Mazda 3 LED Interior Install 2013-Present
Mazda 3 Interior LED 2003-2009
Mazda 3 LED Headlight 2008-2013
Mazda 3 LED Headlight Install 2014-Present
Mazda CX-5 LED Interior Install 2013-Present
Mazda CX-5 LED Headlight Install 2013-Present
Mazda Miata LED Interior Install 1998-2005
Mazda Miata LED Headlight Install 1998-2005
Mazda RX-8 Interior LED Install Video 2003-2012
Mazda Speed 3 LED Install 2008-2013
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2007+ Install
Mercedes Benz Trunk LED Install with Resistor
Mercedes Benz E-Class W212 LED Install 2009+
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Lancer Interior LED Install 2000-2007
Mitsubishi Lancer Interior LED Install 2007-Present
Mitsubishi Lancer LED Headlight Install 2007-Present
Nissan Nissan Altima Interior LED Install 2013-Present
Nissan Altima Headlight LED Install 2013-Present
Nissan Juke LED Install 2011-Present
Nissan Sentra LED Install 2013-Present
Nissan Xterra LED Install 2000
Scion Scion TC LED Install 2004-Present
Scion XD LED Install 2007-2014
Subaru Subaru Legacy LED Install 2009-2014
Subaru WRX LED Install 2007-2013
Subaru WRX Interior LED Install 2011-2016
Subaru WRX LED Headlight Install 2011-2016
Toyota Toyota 4Runner LED Install 2009-Present
Toyota 4Runner LED Install 1995-2002
Toyota Camry LED Install 2011-Present
Toyota Camry LED Headlight Install 2011-Present
Toyota Corolla Interior LED Install 2013-Present
Toyota Corolla Fog LED Install 2013-Present
Toyota Prius LED Install 2009-Present
Toyota Prius LED Headlight Install 2009-Present
Toyota Rav4 LED Install 2013-Present
Toyota Rav4 LED Install 2005-2013
Toyota Rav4 LED Headlight Install 2005-2013
Toyota Tundra Interior LED Install 2007-2013
Toyota Tundra Headlight LED Install 2007-2013
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW Golf LED Install 2012-Present
Volkswagen VW Golf LED Fog Light Install 2010-2014


If you have additional questions after watching the video, please let us know at Almost every question can be answered with a simple email to our helpdesk. Are you local to the Los Angeles, CA area? We are looking for more cars to do LED installations on. If you are interested in a free installation, please let us know at

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