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Why are LEDs better than halogen bulbs?

LEDs (Light emitting diodes) are more efficient, produce less heat, and last much longer than a standard halogen bulb. LEDs on average produce 10 times the amount of light of a halogen bulb. LEDs can last up to 50,000 hour compared to a standard halogen bulb which lasts 2000 hours.

Why won't the LED turn on after installing?

This is one of the most common problems when installing LEDs. Since LEDs are actually diodes, it only allows current to travel in one direction. In other words, LEDs can only be installed one way. If the LED does not light after you have plugged it in, remove the LED, rotate it 180 degrees and reinsert the LED.

Will the LEDs cause me to have a 'Bulb Out' warning on my dash.

No. At PrecisionLED,we have done extensive research on each vehicle package we sell. If your vehicle has "Bulb Out" sensors, your package will include CanBus resistor packed LEDs bulbs that won't cause a "Bulb Out" warning.

Why do the LEDs look like they are still on after I turn off my vehicle?

There are two situations in which your LEDs may stay on after your vehicle has been turned off. If you vehicle has auto dimming lights, your LED lights will gradually dim before shutting off completely. In the other situation, most vehicles, even when the vehicle engine is off, continues to send a small amount of current through the electrical circuits. This small amount of current is enough to turn the LEDs on to a very dim level. This however would not drain your vehicle battery since the same amount of current is traveling through the circuit whether you have halogen or LEDs.

I have Auto-Dimming interior lights, will Precision LED's work?

Yes, LEDs will work with auto dimming lights and are not damaged by this type of lighting system.

What is the warranty?

Please refer to the Warranty/Terms and Conditions Tab within the individual products for additional information.

Installation and Liability

PrecisionLED is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or injury that may occur as a result.  All installations are performed at your own risk.

How did you come up with your shipping rates?

Shipping within the United States
-Our best rates depend on your location and shipping preference.  For packages less than qty. 9 bulbs without a trim tool set, shipping can be as little as $2.99!  For any package that contains a trim tool set, our best shipping rate is $5.99 due to the larger package size.

Shipping International
-For Canada our best rates are actually through FedEx as they offer both guaranteed shipping and insurance for around 20-25 dollars.  Shipping to other countries can escalate quickly through FedEx and your best option is USPS at  fixed rate of 34.99.  This USPS rate is both guaranteed and comes with a tracking number.

*USPS does offer an international rate lower than $34.99 however it is an uninsured option with no tracking.  Due to the lack of tracking and potential for lost shipments we no longer offer an non-guaranteed shipping option.

How long does it take to ship?

For customers in the continental United States, shipping is generally 4-6 business days. Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories will take 7-10 Business days. All International orders are shipped via USPS International and take 7-10 business days. Alternate shipping methods can be arranged by request by emailing us at or calling us at 626-667-4755

Return Policy

Returns must be submitted with an RMA number.  Please use the Support ticketing system at to submit a ticket and receive your RMA return number.

PrecisionLED offers a standard 30 day return policy from the date of delivery. Items must be returned in the same condition they were shipped. Damaged items will not be refunded and will be subtracted from the total refund amount upon inspection. Please allow 1-2 weeks for return items to be processed. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs not associated with a warranty claim. All returns should be sent to:

PrecisionLED Returns
335 W 31st Street
Unit D
Los Angeles, CA 90007