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Welcome to the PrecisionLED HelpDesk.

Before you submit a new support ticket, take a look at some of the tips and tricks below to see if there is a quick fix.  If not, fire away and send us a ticket.  We would love to hear from you and help you get your lights working.  We do our best to answer tickets within a 24 hour time period and prefer to respond within the same day.  Making multiple tickets does not help, it only makes it harder to respond.  If you call in, please leave a message and let us know your ticket number if you already have one; then we can make notes in the ticket!  Our goal is to make you happy so let us do our job!!

  • I installed my LEDs but some of them wont turn on
    • Some of our LEDs are polarity specific, meaning that if they are plugged in the wrong way, they will not turn on.  FOr those bulbs that are not turning on, reverse the connection of the bulb by turning it 180 degrees and try again!
  • My T10 Wedge Bulb wont turn on and Ive tried turning them around already!
    • Our standard non CANBus T10 Wedge type bulbs have open wire leads that make contact with the power and ground connections on your vehicle.  If those wires are not pushed towards the outside edge of the housing, they may not be making proper contact.  Use your finger or a small tool to push them over to the edge to make sure they are making contact.
  • My LED does not seem to be very bright
    • Some of our LEDs, like the longer festoon style bulbs are directional.  Make sure you have positioned the bulb so that the LED chips that produce light are pointed in the right direction.
  • Only some of the LEDs on my bulb turn on
    • This is definitely a defective bulb and needs to be exchanged.  Most of our products offer at least a 1 year warranty so scroll down and open a service ticket.  Make sure to provide your Sales order number, your name and contact phone number so we can service you quickly.


If you prefer to reach us by phone, please contact us toll free at (888) 963-7742 Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM PST


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